3 things I learnt after hiking Provo Canyon, Utah.

My fiancé and I decided to take a spontaneous hike up to Stuart Falls in Provo Canyon a week or so ago. It really was a last minute decision. The time was 7pm and we both were not dressed for the occasion. As comfortable as my Vans are, they aren't an avid hikers' first pick for footwear. My allergies and shorts, never mix when hiking but this time, we were in too deep.


Driving up towards Sundance Resort and looking for the trail head. Stuart Falls was new to me so helping to find it wasn't really in my job description. We rolled the dice on an unmarked trail leading off into the bushes and practically sprinting to, what we hoped would be a waterfall.

Jackpot. Me pulling out my gear in haste, my fiancé booking it up the side of the mountain in search of a higher vantage point.


Was there a fabulous sunset? No.

Was the lighting perfect? Meh.

Were there a billion mosquitos? Most definitely.

Deciding to follow my partner in search of a better look, rocks kept sliding out from underneath me.  Reaching out for something to grab on to, gripping plants, bushes and larger rocks to help pull me up.  Reaching the safety of the ledge, my hand tingled.

Looking down to see a patch of stinging nettle staring back at me smiling it's devilish smile. 

I got to where Michael was standing up on the hill and my hand is pulsating at this point. I try to rinse it off in the Antarctic-like, freezing cold water but it's still throbbing. How could I be so careless?

Oh well. Hustling to set up my tripod in the fading light. Switching lenses, get my composition, then flip the on switch.

No memory card. Are you kidding me?! Checking my camera bag, pockets, backpack, and the camera bag again feverishly in search of the any memory card. Nothing.

In bitterness, I pull out my phone to take some pictures and dead. Just my luck!

 At this point, I’m just like whatever, I don’t even care.

So, I left with no photos of Stuart Falls, however the drive up through the canyon was nice. Here is a couple to help us remember our way next time.


The moral of this story is: 

1) Don’t grab a handful of Stinging Nettle to pull yourself up a mountain.

2) Put your memory card back into the camera after uploading pictures to the computer.

3) Always go on spontaneous adventures. They make for good stories.

Kasey Crook is a thisworldexists Adventure Ambassador. Be inspired by Kasey in her interview with thisworldexists. Check out more of her adventures on Instagram: @kaseylynn00


To help ensure you guys don't get lost when in search of Stuart Falls, find it on this map.