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Change the way you travel by volunteering overseas.

Our Mission

We are travellers & explorers inspiring awareness and social change by contributing to and supporting improved education across the globe.

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"There are people out there that do need help and support, so that they enjoy the best opportunities that we enjoy in Australia. I think THISWORLDEXISTS means the bigger world that we perhaps get a bit of an understanding of coming to Nepal but it really is just the tip of the iceberg. Together we can make a difference!"

— Joanne Lardner

Jan 2017 - Everest Base Camp I


Our Objectives

• To create, support and fund sustainable improvements to education around the world to help alleviate poverty

• To run unique adventure tours that raise awareness, money and support for chosen projects that are aligned to the mission and objectives of thisworldexists

• To partner with NGO’s that pursue similar or complimentary objectives to THISWORLDEXISTS

• To actively fundraise through creative initiatives to support identified charitable projects and partners

• To inspire individuals to take action to impact educational inequality around the world whilst also inspiring and challenging individuals to live a life full of adventure

• To create opportunities for individuals to be involved in international aid work in a fun, challenging and enriching environment

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How you can help.

• Change the way you travel by joining us on our THISWORLDEXISTS trips

• Create an adventure fundraising activity and seek sponsorship for one of our education projects

• Purchase some of our THISWORLDEXISTS products that directly fund our education projects

• Like and Share our social media content to help spread the word about our mission and our unique adventures