A sense of wonder gives Kasey the desire to explore

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This 21 year old hair stylist from Draper, Utah, absolutely loves being in the outdoors and has jumped at every opportunity since she was a little kid. Kasey Crook is passionate about many things but her two stand outs are photography and snowboarding. Anything with an adventure twist on it in the outdoors will get this go-getters attention.

"To me, adventure is getting out and letting your curiosity lead you in a new direction. It means being spontaneous and going that extra mile to discover new things and places. The great thing about adventures is that you don’t need to have a lot of money to create an unforgettable experience, just the right attitude and a sense of wonder."

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Many have fallen into the trap of keeping up with the Joneses. Kasey is forever grateful for a trip to Moab with her best-friend where the penny dropped and she realised that she has everything she needs in her life. From that time forward, she decided to spend her money on experiences, not things.

"I used to believe that objects and things would make me happy until I discovered I was always wanting something new. This world is very materialistic with new toys always coming out."

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"Theres nothing like standing at the edge of the cliff and realizing how big this world is wanting to explore every bit of it"

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"I think thisworldexists is a great cause and I’m glad that I can inspire people to get out and be adventurous while also helping those in developing countries."

Check out more of Kasey's photos on her Instagram @kaseylynn00