THISWORLDEXISTS will lead you on the most unforgettable adventure travel experience that includes a volunteer element to ensure you leave a sustainable impact in the communities in which we visit.



The perfect mix of Adventure, Travel and Volunteer Opportunities.

That feeling you get when you volunteer is something addictive. You see the meaning and feel the opportunities that education provides these disadvantaged communities in which we visit. It is our intention to create a community that rethinks the way they travel. Whilst going on unique adventure travel opportunities, a small volunteer aspect and relatively small financial investment in the community has dramatic effects on their future opportunities.

Come and travel the world with us.

We promise it will be one hell of an adventure and the volunteer element will be one of the most special things you will ever experience.

THISWORLDEXISTS creates a community of travelers that seek unique adventure travel experiences that support sustainable education projects in the developing world. 

By volunteering, our community helps create improved pathways for children in disadvantaged communities via education improvements.

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THISWORLDEXISTS will take you to the edge of your comfort zone during the most rewarding and unforgettable adventure travel experience of your life. 

All trip profits go towards improving education outcomes in the communities in which we visit. Volunteer experiences are available in all countries.

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Our THISWORLDEXISTS adventures and those of our adventure ambassadors are all documented with video and photos to give you a genuine insight into what these experiences are like. We hope these stories and journeys help to inspire your next adventure travel experience.

We hope our work inspires others to volunteer in their home countries or abroad. 

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Testimonials from our Nepal experiences

"The volunteer component of the trip was my favourite. Working in the community and seeing our money in action whilst knowing the impact it will create to Nepal is so special" - Hannah Ahmad (Age 15)
"Seeing the destroyed classrooms from the earthquake in Nepal was difficult but putting the work in to build a new school was something I will never forget" - Jake Anderson (Age 28)
"What an adventure it was! Nepal is a deeply beautiful country that I already cannot wait to return to. When volunteering in the education project, it was amazing how rewarding seeing classrooms that we funded be created." - Sarah Hogan (Age 26)
"Being in the mountains of Nepal is truly breathtaking, the size of them is still so hard to comprehend - what an adventure and the best travel experience of my life" - Nasar (Age 53)