"We have this crazy idea that our organisation will change the world. If THISWORLDEXISTS changes one life for the better then we have succeeded"


Will you be brave enough to let THISWORLDEXISTS change yours?

THISWORLDEXISTS creates a community of travelers that seek unique adventure experiences to support sustainable education projects in the developing world. 

Our community helps create improved pathways for children in disadvantaged areas through education.

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THISWORLDEXISTS will take you to the edge of your comfort zone during the most rewarding and unforgettable travel experience you will have in your entire life. All THISWORLDEXISTS trip profits go towards improving education outcomes in the communities in which we visit.

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Our THISWORLDEXISTS adventures and those of our adventure ambassadors are all documented with video and photos to give you a genuine insight into what these experiences are like. We hope these stories and journeys help to inspire your next adventure.

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Help contribute to improving education outcomes in developing countries.

Support developing world education today