How to escape the trap of daily routine.


     Adventure is a part of my life. From a young age I was always searching to explore new worlds. Life becomes very routine and many people go about their normal daily lives without seeing what's out there. Escaping the daily grind and adventure-seeking can create lots of happy memories. You don’t have to travel far, either. Joy can be found on your front doorstep, and adventures can be created almost anywhere. 


     The key to adventuring is to jump in to the deep end. Take that leap out of your comfort zone and straight in to something scary and different. I have always aimed to capture these moments through visual media, whether that be a simple phone picture or an elaborate high production film piece. Despite the technicalities in producing media content, it’s the best way to tell my stories and share my adventures with the world. 


Exploring the wilderness is the best cure to the pressures of everyday life. Immersing yourself in nature will quickly make you realise that life isn't about how much money you earn or how quickly you can get that raise. 

Getting out there, exploring and seeing what the world has to offer is surely the finest way to enrich your life. Any time I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I remember that life is a giant adventure. Adventure is worthwhile in itself.


Tom Hughes is a thisworldexists Adventure Ambassador. You can see more of his journeys on and photography via Instagram: @beyondlimits_media