Surfing Brutal Waves to Climbing the Crux

Starting out heavily into skateboarding and dabbling in team sports; Christian Lanley grew up like any South Bay, California native. At age 10, Christian's dad gave him his first surf lesson. Soon, that became his life. Lanley competed in high school, and eventually became a surf camp instructor for young kids in Santa Monica, CA.

"That's where I had my first taste of outdoor instruction.I fell in love with the excitement of witnessing people learning their abilities, and teaching them in the outdoors."


Two years ago, Christian picked up another sport that would once again change his life; rock climbing.

"Since the first time I touched a real rock in Malibu Creek, California, my life has changed dramatically. I have been borderline obsessed with projects and climbs in both my local crags as well as the high mountains." 


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In the short time Lanley has been climbing, he as already reached the highest peaks in California, Utah, and Nevada.

"It has sparked a love for travel and adventure that is unquenchable. My passion for teaching others the beauty of climbing in the outdoors has grown as well."


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Christian has spent the last year attending various institutes specializing in mountain guide and mountaineering training. He hopes to push his goal of teaching and sharing his experiences in climbing with all people. With inspiration from climbers such as Jimmy Chin, it's no surprise Christian also has a passion for adventure photography.

"The fact that he is not only a brilliant photographer/filmmaker, but also an extremely talented/respected climber, its no wonder I try to follow in his footsteps."

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Christian appreciates the good fortune of having the skills and equipment to capture his explorations, and sharing the beauty of the backcountry with everyone.

" Everyone can experience these incredible places in their own way, and hopefully it inspires them to get out on their own as well."

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To see more of Christian's photos, be sure to check out his instagram.

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