Committing your life to travel....sounds pretty amazing aye!

Eric Bennet thisworldexists

Eric Bennett is a traveling Videographer/Photographer from San Diego, California but current living in the state of Utah. We are so proud to announce Eric Bennett as the latest member of our adventure ambassador family because of his outlook on life and inspiring attitude to find a better way of living.

"The more places I go the more I appreciate the Earth and the more I want to see while I am alive."

When asked about his most memorable adventure, Eric found it really hard to choose. But we loved hearing about the passion he had for his most recent adventure.

"I spent 3 weeks in Nepal trekking along the Annapurna Circuit. I made lots of amazing friends both foreigners and Nepalese and have so many amazing memories of being up in the mountains. It was so incredible to see all the diverse landscape among the biggest mountains on earth. Truly humbling."

Eric Bennett Moon thisworldexists

There have been tons of athletes, photographers and heroes of our past that have inspired Eric Bennet to do the great things he achieves on a day to day basis. 

"Anyone who is inspiring others to live life to the fullest and do good (is inspiring to him)."

After making recent trips to Nepal and Turkey, Eric is taking some time to stay stateside for a couple of months with road trips up to the PNW and an upcoming trip to Hawaii in the headlights. Yeah bradahhhh!

Eric Walk Beach thisworldexists

When asked if he could provide some advice for anyone that wants to travel for a living, he offered these great insights that have helped him chase his dream.


"Don't travel to make money. Travel because you want to. I say this because traveling isnt for everyone. It may appear amazing and glamorous to all of us but it can be quite different and some people cant handle it. Also dont just do "photography" or "blogging" so you can make money traveling, you wont make any money. Those arent your only options. Just do whatever you truly love and find a way to tie it in with your lifestyle, it will work. You cant just pick something random and hope to succeed. You gotta be passionate about what you do in order to truly be able to make an impact on the world."


Welcome to the team mate, we look forward to many great adventure together in the coming years!

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