Stars, Snow and Surf...yeah we were surprised too!

This hardworking, outgoing Englishman is always in search of the next adventure and totally dedicated to ensuring his dreams become a reality. If it wasn't for the weather holding him back, it would be hard to stop this die hard from being on one constant journey in the outdoor environment.

"I live in an area surrounded by mountains so we often have large storms pass over. This can make it quite difficult to get out in to the wild sometimes."

Admittedly, he says he never wanted a normal lifestyle. The 9-5 office job never really resonated with him, resultantly spending almost all of his younger years searching for adventures to educate him.

"I am now lucky enough to earn my living through capturing these adventures and special moments through visual media."

Constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and wild outdoor moments, it gifts him opportunities to display his creative side to the world through his work and always some pretty amazing memories.

"I wouldn't change a thing!"

Surrounded by mountains, it is easy to understand why they continue to captivate him to this day and are his favourite place to go and explore in any environment or country.

"The mountains have a certain type of energy about them and they offer everything from high peaks, vast lakes and tumbling waterfalls. They are pretty much an endless adventure!"

Recently, Tom is braving the super chilly English waters to hone is surfing skills and continue to challenge himself in new areas and knows that this will provide him with the opportunity to explore the coastal areas of the world.

"I am particularly attracted to the very remote areas and I am always trying to find adventures that hardly any human has experienced. That is a very hard task in this world but there are definitely some crazy new adventures out there!"

Tom we are looking to paddle the Mekong River through some of South East Asia's finest and most secluded locations. This sounds right up your alley! Check it out on our adventures pages.

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