Sails and surf run through Ana Paula's veins. Come meet this incredibly inspiring woman!

Born in Mexico City and raised in nearby Cuernavaca, this 28 year old has an adventurous soul and intends to cover the furthest corners of the globe with her true love by her side. Her wanderlust was inspired by her parents and grandparents who dedicated their lives to the sea.

"We like to keep their spirits alive by continuing to do what they loved and continue to explore the world's oceans."

Her work as a full-time art director at an advertising agency fuels her passion for photography and finds that her work helps her search for new projects that will help her grow professionally.

"I want to be able to keep traveling to see what comes next, where I'm going to wind up, who I'm gonna meet and discover what differences I can make in this lifetime."

Her favourite part about travel is the adventure. Not just where the journey takes you, but everything else that adds to it. The back-packing, cheap hotels, local recommendations, 8 hour road trips, money saving, sleeping wherever, even over spending sometimes and learning that it is ok because it is all worth it. 
"I cannot settle for a life merely lived, so I intend to live all the life I have and become very much aware of different things I probably would have taken for granted in the past."

Ana is not someone used to living by the rules. She is a passionate, opinionated individual and is very, very proud to be a woman. In short, we love her because she is a massive inspiration for females to kick off the chauvinistic shackles and chase their dreams.

"Traveling gives me memories that give me strength and ambition for more. I believe that going places, is to push beyond boundaries and it's a way to verify our freedom. We have a right to freedom because we are alive."

Whilst Ana inspires us at thisworldexists, she is truly inspired by those who are true to themselves and who stand up for what they believe in, despite what other people may think.

"There's nothing worse than people who complain about their life and do nothing about it. If you don't like something, change it, don't complain. Society has us tied up under what's wrong and what's right, what you should do now or later, F* that. Do what you love and be yourself. I admire people who push beyond the confines of the normal."

Her true passion is documenting life and she does a pretty great job at it we must say. 
Please follow her adventures on Instagram as we continue to understand that the world is in our hands and it is ours to explore.

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