Wherever, Whenever...Shelby's There to Head Adventure's Call

Born in the snowcapped Colorado Rockies, raised in the southern farmlands of Ohio, surfing down the coastlines of Florida, and now trekking through the hills of Tennessee... adapting to new environments are nothing new to Shelby Wertsbaugh.

"Some people are afraid to move, because they fear change. I embrace it! Each new place has a special ecosystem we can not only learn from, but learn new ways to explore it!"

Taking the road less traveled by is no foreign concept to this thrill seeker.

"After high school, my parents were pushing me to go to engineering school. Although they felt that was my calling, I dreaded the idea. Being a skydiving videographer in New Zealand sounded much more appealing."

Although she has not made the move to New Zealand, Shelby has poured her heart into film, becoming a pioneer on the female grip forefront. Her aspirations for her career are as high as the Mountain peaks in Nepal. She truly embraces the freedom her job allows, and pushes herself through both film and adventure.

"I love getting to work with new people in new places everyday. It is my hope to share the beauty of this world through film. I believe there is no mountain too high, or ocean too deep for me to explore!"

With each new exploration and each move, Shelby loves diving into the culture of that region. The more she sees, the more her heart yearns in helping promote change. Whether it be in preserving the Islands of the Galapagos, helping poverty stricken communities in the Bahamas, or cleaning up the environment right in her own backyard, the Smoky Mountains; Shelby constantly stretches herself to do and be more.

"It's like climbing a mountain. From the bottom, you wonder how you are going to scale those heights, but you just start climbing, picking away at each rock. Soon, you turn around, and you've already made immense progress. You're not at the top, yet, but there is no turning around! No dream is impossible"

Shelby plans on continuing to push her limits in both film and the outdoors, until everyone is inspired to get a taste of the road less traveled!

To see more, check her out on instagram; @shelby_grips 

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