Meet our very own T Rex

Tom Rex Jessett is originally from England and has been out on the road travelling and working abroad for 5 years now.

"That guy has more holidays than father Christmas!" His friends joke.

Sounds pretty cool right! 

Calling Esperance, Western Australia home for the past few years, the place has changed his life and has opened so many doors for him as his interest in photography sky rocketed.

"It (photography) has pretty much taken over my life! Growing up on a farm, I have always been an outdoorsy kid growing up so it made sense to combine my passions."

When T Rex grew up, he always wanted to work outdoors, so completed a degree in forest management and continued the lifestyle into his adult years. After a solid 5 years, he decided to jack his career and fly to New Zealand with $1000 in his pocket. He has never looked back as the infectious addiction to exploring new places makes him feel alive.

"I don't really know who inspired me to live this life I have now. If I find them, I would like to buy them a beer and say thanks."

His wanderlust has led him to many developing countries and has been in awe of the happiness and caring manner in which the people are. 

"Seeing the smiles on the faces of these people is heartwarming. To be able to properly help people in the developing world by giving them access to education would just be incredible."

Tom Jesset is excited to being a part of thisworldexists team to continue to explore, travel, adventure and photograph in his surroundings. We are excited to help make his dream a reality by assisting him in to build his photography brand to be able to sustain his love for travel and outdoor adventure.

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