Solo adventurer tackles education

At the ripe old age of 19, Kaitlyn Knoll packed her bags and headed off overseas on her first solo backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. We can imagine the unbridled excitement, gut twisting nervousness and uncertainty in what would prove to be a formative four months. This is why we are proud to announce this lion-hearted adventurer as the latest member to join our team.

"After that incredible four months, I knew that the wanderlust bug had taken root, but I didn’t quite have the courage to pack up everything."

At age 22, Kaitlyn decided she wasn’t quite ready to enter the life of cubicles and computers and packed her backpack, left her cute little apartment and closet full of clothes, and has not looked back since. 

"My travels led me to accept a teaching position in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This has helped me realize that there are opportunities everywhere if you are willing to accept them." 

Kaitlyn is constantly brainstorming, dreaming, and researching new ways to get out into the world and experience more of life. Travel is her greatest passion & her bucket list is long and ever-growing.

Following Kaitlyn's journey on her Instagram @kaitlynknoll