Determined and Passionate, Diego Montaño Has No Limits

Many of us journey into the great outdoors, simply to enjoy nature. With Diego Monaño, this is not the case. Every climb, every trek, every summit; Diego constantly pushes his limits, testing his endurance.

"I measure myself against stuff that is so much bigger, I can only hope to pass by. Knowing my place in this world is essential for testing both my strength and my mind."

Determination is an understatement. Ascending countless peaks in over five different countries, the word "quit" does not exist in Montaño's vocabulary. However, the word "Intense" is a fitting adjective for this explorer.
"I even scare people with my intensity. I feel I have the need to do everything I like; while I can, as much as I can."

A simpler question might be; what peaks hasn't our latest Adventure Ambassador ascended? Diego says dreams of exploring Pakistan in the near future.
"It has big scarped mountains, wild rivers, tough climate, and beautiful soulful people." 

Abstract people and climates are what attract Montaño to the disconnect mountains offer.
"While exploring the outdoors, I find myself in a constant state of disconnection from an intangible world humans invented. Things like gravity and food chains are so vivid and imminent. It makes living so real, and unreal at the same time; because you never see surreal images like you do in the wilderness."

At thisworldexists, we could not be more pleased to welcome such a strong and passionate adventurer to our team. Through Diego's personal experiences, we can all be inspired to venture outdoors, push ourselves beyond our limits, and experience something beautiful. Montaño shows us a new way of perceiving ourselves and this world, through adventure.