Like Father, Like Son... Nature is in Andrew's Blood

Thanks to his father's career with the National Parks service, Andrew Leffel has  had a fascination with the outdoors since age 6. Leffel had no choice but to fall in love with Earth's spectacular features, after a family trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon.
"It's where I really saw what this planet had to offer, and only became eager to whiteness the rest!"

This Alaskan native now resides in Mill Creek, Washington. Balancing jobs as surgical technician and Theater Supervisor, Andrew manages to still find time to explore new terrain. Days off are often spent planning and packing for adventures all over the United States.
"People say I'm spontaneous, because I can't help but stay active, going to different states, while maintaining several jobs. If I have a day off, you know I'll be out there somewhere with some buddies and my camera!" 

 After getting little taste of the mystery within mountains, our newest Adventure Ambassador can't help but want more! He is willing to push his boundaries both physically and culturally. It is his dream to travel through Singapore and Thailand.
"I would really love to go somewhere I know nothing about, and then get the biggest cultural shock of my life." 

Curiosity and love for this planet is what makes Andrew the perfect addition to our growing Adventure Ambassador family.
  "Curiosity is something that is inevitable, and one of my weaknesses. I am maybe too curious sometimes, and like to push some boundaries while I'm out exploring. On the other hand, curiosity is what made me who I am today" 

Excited about shinning a light on different parts of the world, Andrew is anxious to start educating others about why this planet is so beautiful. Through Leffel's adventures, photography, and careful time management skills, we can all be inspired to go find our own outdoor paradise!

"I was always intrigued by mountains and waterfalls, but never thought I'd end up chasing them!" 

 To learn more about Andrew, and his adventures, check out his Instagram

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