From the Mountains to the Classroom, Eric is Inspiring

Born in a small town north of St. Louis, Eric Schuette began learning from his parents the importance of travel and preservation from a young age. Now, Eric resides in Colorado as a teacher, where he can harvest his devotion for the outdoors on a greater scale.

"I've always had a curiosity for what was around the next bend, or over the next hill since I was a child. As I got older, the bends and hills became much bigger and more difficult to reach, but the rewards have been amazing!"

 Schuette's curious mind has lead him to some of the most isolate and beautiful destinations around the world. From Iceland and Alaska, to Australia and San Juans; it is evident travel and exploration are a high priority in Eric's life.

"Whether it's catching a sunrise at a mountain lake near home or exploring an ice cave in Iceland, having those types of experiences is what makes life fun!" 

Eric can't help but be drawn the extreme ecosystems this earth has to offer. For him, inspiration is  everywhere. Even in midair, Eric can spot a new adventure.

"On a recent flight over Greenland, it looked absolutely insane! I find myself drawn to these types of destinations."

Living an interesting life is vital, and therefor a top priority for this teacher. We are lucky enough Schuette has started sharing his passions and photos, so we too can find inspiration to take our own journey.

After working in education for several year, Schuette's eyes are opened to the importance of it.

"I consider myself incredibly fortunate I was able to have the education I did, and helping to improve others is something I do everyday. To take that to those who need it most is very important, not only for them but for all of us."

Eric is able to see the big picture, and has a full understanding for the meaning behind "community." His heart for both exploration and education make him an excellent addition to the thisworldexists family.

"Hopefully, it is a cause that many more will support, and I hope that I am able to contribute to that in some small way." 

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