Is it time you reconnected with yourself?

Our culture has this uncanny ability of distracting us from our true selves, as the daily grind, weekly routine and seemingly endless list of responsibilities pile up.

Let's be honest, we all need a little recharge to help us reconnect with ourselves every now and then.

Travel has this powerful ability to not only give us the time that we never seem to have in our normal 9 to 5 life, but it also highlights to us what we place value and importance on in our lives and what we have back home that we can at times take for granted.

It's a spiritual, sun drenched, surf lapped island haven and offers the most perfect setting to reconnect and reenergise. 

Bali, an island province of Indonesia is rich in culture and blessed with world class beaches that cop the full force of the Indian Ocean swell that breaks on pristine reefs to create some of the world's finest surf spots.

If surfing is not for you, then you can dive with scores of fish throughout a number of coral reefs and shipwrecks around the island or get lost in the varied natural landscapes throughout the small island that you can explore for days on days.

Getting closer to nature and mother earth not cutting it for you? You could choose to indulge in something a little more spiritual at one of the many Yoga retreats that litter the island.

Interested in a genuine insight into the super chilled and beautiful island life?

Check out this video from Ana Paula Alvarez, a thisworldexists Adventure Ambassador hopeful and see bali life through her eyes.

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If your next travel destination isn't Bali or even overseas, thisworldexists encourages you to get out there and enjoy a little you time in the great outdoors!

Ana Paula has an insatiable lust for documenting her travel experiences and to share them with people who can also appreciate her adventures. She is inspired by the backpacking, dime-saving and minor hiccups that make her adventures unforgettable. Ana currently works full time in advertising and photography which has become an avenue to share her inspiring passion for life's adventures.

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