5 tips to shoot BEACH SUNSETS like a PRO

There is nothing quite like frothing over capturing a colourful sky over the water along our coastlines throughout the world. 
Whether there be reeds moving in the breeze, rock formations + cliff faces, or surfers catching their last wave for the day. The ocean presents some epic opportunities. 

Here are 5 tips I love to go by for shooting sunsets by the sea. 

one | look for reflections

Any time you are shooting around the ocean, keep aware of how reflections can enhance your snaps. This can be noticed especially when shooting at sunset, where your images can light up + have interest added to them by reflecting the pastel colours in the water before you.

two | focus on the details

Be alert to what grabs your attention. The coast has endless opportunities for amazing shots, from the waters edge, footprints in the sand, small wildflowers growing in the dunes or patterns in rock formations, you just have to open your eyes to the possibilities.
Take the time to appreciate the details that surround you. 

three | add foreground interest 

Look for that special moment that jumps out in the foreground of your shots. If you are able to place something interesting in the foreground, from rocks pools to driftwood, it leads the eye into the image. When doing this test shooting from different heights, sometimes getting down quite low will add more curiosity while other times a higher vantage point might work best.
Also remember if you would like the foreground + background to be in focus, you will want to shoot with a smaller aperture, which are higher f numbers

four | slow things down 

Another way to add chilled vibes to seascape shots is to slow your shutter speed down so that any part of the image that is moving blurs. In this way you can get a soft, silky looking sea or golden swaying reeds. To do this you ideally need a tripod to ensure zero camera movement. Alternatively, you might be able to sit the camera on a lookout rail or rock ledge. The best way is to experiment with this.
My favourite effect is a little blur, with some ripple of the wave still clear. 

five | horizons 

When it comes to horizons, make sure they are straight across the framing of your image. You can set the camera up with gridlines on to assist with this. In most seascape shots I prefer to place the horizon nearer to one of the thirds of the shot. This helps to keep the image balanced. I urge you to get out there + take a different look at the possibilities before you around the ocean when the sun is going down. 

If you are open, opportunities present before you in ways that you may least expect it.

Be dictated by a life that truly excites you to your core. 

Chasing sunsets helps me be grateful + embrace abundance + freedom. 

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I am a freelance photographer living in Phillip Island, Australia and find myself continually inspired by the ocean, the people I meet + the places I go. I love creating an authentic vibe through my images, one which captivates my audience + sees me continually building relationships with those around me. I take photos simply because I love it! Photography opens my eyes + brings me joy. There is a season for everything. Staying true to my coastal roots, I focus my images expressions around landscapes, surf + relaxed lifestyle. I hope you enjoy the world around me as I see it. 

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