7 shades of blue

Ok, so it was no where near as erotic and admittedly I wasn't gobsmacked like the goings on in 50 shades. That being said, the Bacalar lagoon boasts an incredible 7 sun-soaked shades of blue and believe me, it was just as stunning as it sounds.
Boat tripping through the huge lagoon that runs north-south beside the incredible coastline of Quintana Roo, Mexico, the sun popped in and out of the clouds to reveal what draws worldwide tourists to this very destination.

If you haven't heard of them before, Cenotes are scattered throughout this tropical part of the world and essentially are underground, freshwater caves. Many of them can be found in the lagoon and continually empty themselves into the lagoon to create a mix with the tidal saltwater to create an extremely unique environment.
We spotted one up ahead and the rich dark, almost navy blue of the Cenote signified its significant depth in comparison to its surrounding. It wasn't until we cruised over it's edge that we got to see just how rapid the drop off was.

Mexican jungle gripped tightly to its coastline which was equally, if not more amazing underwater as you could see the extensive root systems reaching out for nutrients.
The root systems were amazing and provided an underground playground as we explored what little we could of the 250m depths of Cenote Azul.

En route to our next location within the huge lagoon, I remembered thinking that this could quite possibly be some sort of tourist stitch up. Our driver claimed that the sulphur rich mud in some parts can be used as exfoliant and leaves the skin feeling amazing.

I was yet to be convinced.

Even after I still wasn't convinced but it was still pretty cool, playing like big kids in the mud, smearing it all over our bodies.

So, those that make the trip to the more popular parts of Quintana Roo like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. I highly encourage you to come a little further south to Bacalar and get a much more chilled vibe than the hustle and bustle of these big Mexican resort towns.

Adventure hard and remember that the world is your hands. Go live your dream!