5 Reasons to Visit Yosemite National Park

1. The Climbing

I left Yosemite wanting to climb more than I ever had before, getting to see the massive walls and famous climbs had me itching to return home to work on my climbing skills, with the hope to one day climb one of these unbelievable multi pitch routes.

2. The Adrenaline Rush

If you like a good adrenaline rush every now and again, get your fix while visiting this awesome place. However, I wouldn't recommend getting this close to the edge of these 2000+ foot cliffs. Over-looking the valley floor from above, it appears as if we're are looking at a fake back drop.

3. Beautiful Animals

If you haven't had a chance to see much wildlife in your lifetime, you will get to see some unbelievable animals while you are here.

4. Starry Skies

Most people living in big cities don’t get to see it quite the same as this. While visiting Yosemite, stay up a little later to do some star gazing. Very little light pollution from any cities allows Yosemite's night sky to shine. Seeing the milky way and shooting stars with the naked eye isn't something you want to miss.

5. Stunning Waterfalls

There are an unbelievable amount of waterfalls in the area, you might not even have to leave your car to see them. That being said, I don't recommend staying in your car. The best waterfalls are just a short hike away.

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Written by Ryan Thompson

Ryan is a thisworldexists Adventure Ambassador. See more of his stories and photography on his blog