Crossing Borders to Bolivia's Salt Flats: Part Two

If you missed part one of Emma's journey from Chile to Bolivia, you can find it here.

Sunrise on the salt flat, nearly 12,000 feet above sea level.

We drove over the salt flat for what felt like hours. All around us was endless nothing. It was endlessly beautiful. 

Incahuasi Cactus Island was located near the middle of the salar, it is one of the only islands on the salar capable of maintaining life. The island is covered in giant cacti and offers amazing views of the salt flat.

Due to the effect that occurs when the white salt meets the sky, you can spend hours taking perspective photos. Watching jeeps drive past created the trippy illusion of them growing in size as they approached, and shrinking as they drove away.

A visit to Bolivia wouldn't be the same without mingling with crowds of Llamas and alpacas.

Our tour ended with a visit to Uyuni's train cemetery. This is an eerie place with some pretty awesome photo opportunities.

The Salt Flat tour was one of the highlights of my time in South America. The absolutely breathtaking landscapes were unparalleled to anything I have ever seen before.

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Written by Emma Gaffney