Endless Summer: Capturing Sun and Surf

Summer means only one thing, long days and small waves. Most of the time, waking up at sunrise to check the surf can be depressing when it's  a small 1-2ft swell and howling onshore winds. It makes you feel like you shouldn’t even bother.

Despite this, there is something addictive about summer waves. Paddling out on a retro single fin in to the sunset is an amazing experience that will create lasting memories. You can easily get lost surfing on these small waves. Trust me, it is so much fun!

Summer is also about long road trips and incredible light. As a film maker, dramatic light gets me pretty excited to create content. I see photos and video as a way of capturing memories. I try to create images that people can either relate to or would like to experience. 

I try to take a camera with me on all of my trips, even into the water. If the light is good I will usually swim back to shore to grab my camera and waterproof housing, and continue shooting until its dark. 

Before all of the roads, buildings, trains, planes and cars, there was nature... People walked around and explored whole new areas of the world with their eyes wide open. I try my best to relive this lifestyle by exploring new places and enjoying what the world offers.

Get out there, explore the unknown and get lost. No destination, no rules, just you and wherever you want to go. That is what summer is for. 

Written by Tom Hughes

Tom is a thisworldexists Adventure Ambassador. See more of Tom's work and adventures on Instagram: @beyondlimits_media