Crowd funding campaign update and thanks. What's next for thisworldexists?

thisworldexists could not be more inspired and motivated by the collective efforts of our community to combine and contribute $6,214 US dollars.

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  • In Nepal - The national enrolment for females in school between the ages of six and ten is 67 percent, compared to 78 percent for males
  • In Africa - 33 million primary school-aged children in Sub-Saharan Africa do not go to school
  • In Peru - 34 percent of children ages 5 to 17 work in the labor force
  • In Mexico - 88% of children enrol in secondary school

Our mission is to improve education outcomes in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Nepal, Tanzania, Mexico and Peru. This money will be invested in thisworldexists branded hats and beanies that when sold, will deliver all profits to our 4 education projects.

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Each hat sold will fund the purchase of another hat (that in turn, can be be sold) and contribute all 100% of profits to our education projects.

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A massive thank you to those that contributed $100 US or higher during our crowd funding campaign

  • Cheyne Jowett
  • Ryan Saundry
  • Ryan Conroy
  • Steve Cain
  • Gris Barba
  • Wesley Hawkins
  • Michael Spark
  • Andrew Seeckts
  • Brett Hobbs
  • Kris Plageman
  • Mick O'Grady
  • Alistair Cowan
  • Rafa Pescado
  • Brent Loughnan
  • Dean Chytraus
  • Stephanie Lorenzo
  • Nurya Lucero
  • Stefan Rocchi
  • Daniella Barba
  • Tristan Hewat
  • Hugh Barlow

Our very first thisworldexists trip will be this coming January in Nepal. We will be spending 9 days hiking through the Himalayas and then 4 days with our project partner building classrooms. 

Please make sure you follow our social media pages for updates on this trip and to see your crowd funding money in action.




We are expecting the first delivery of hats in the coming weeks and it is our highest priority to have these sent out to those that selected perks. Once received, we would love to see you helping us to spread the thisworldexists brand via your social media pages with photos of you with your new hat in the great outdoors.

Until then, stay adventurous and continue to inspire us by sharing your outdoor experiences in the great outdoors! Stay safe and a thousand thanks to our entire community for helping to bring this idea to life.

Together we can change the world.

Read about our plan to achieve education improvements here.