Poverty is a complex global issue that is far reaching and widely damaging to the opportunities, pathways and freedoms that individuals, families and whole communities are afforded.

THISWORLDEXISTS is passionate about investing in sustainable education improvements in the developing world to assist these communities to break the cycle of poverty.

Our strategy to bring about sustainable changes to education in the communities in which we visit is as easy as Build, Better, Boost

Phase One) Build or improve the physical environment

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"Make it the pride of the community"

Key objectives;

- To ensure teaching environment is able to cater for all students in that community

- To work with local providers and stimulate local economy with each project

- To use materials that will withstand the test of time

- To improve infrastructure, sanitation, visual aesthetics that will make the school the pride of the community

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thisworldexists this world exists education charity project

Phase Two) Better access and remove barriers

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"Ensure that no child is left behind"

Key objectives;

- To ensure all students are not limited by barriers to attend school ie. disabilities, uniform, location etc

- To work with local community about developing sustainable action plans to cater to each schools unique situation

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Phase Three) Boost teacher capacity, teaching pedagogy and increase student learning outcomes

"To unlock the potential human capital in each community"

Key objectives;

- To maximise student learning outcomes by developing higher order thinking skills, real world analytical skills and problem solving skills

- To change typical comprehension or knowledge based order of thinking taught throughout low income countries

- To liaise with local organisations to assist with improving post education pathways

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