Climb like a pro! Caroline Ciavaldini shoots us 5 essential tips for deep water soloing

1) Find a place!

DWSoloing can only be done on overhanging cliffs, with a sea/lake that is deep enough, and calm. But not too calm: still water is as hard as a rock!!!

PC: Francisco Taranto Jr. / FotoVertical

PC: Francisco Taranto Jr. / FotoVertical

2) Prepare your gear

Make sure you bring several pairs of climbing shoes as will get wet when you fall in. Bring loads of chalk and look in to getting liquid chalk. Oh yeah, don't forget a towel!



3) DIY a waterproof chalk bag

We use a swimming pool cap and turn it upside down. We then glue a waist strap on to it. Works a treat!

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4) Climb within your comfort zone!

DWSoloing is fun and freeing, but don't let the situation get out of control: a bad, uncontrolled fall can kill you!!!



5) Fall correctly

When you fall, during the first 3 quarters of the fall, move your arms and legs to acquire vertical position and keep it. Then just before entering the ware, fold your arms and cross them around your chest, put your legs straight, look straight ahead. Be tensed. Spash, you're in!!!

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Caroline Ciavaldini is a professional rock climber that grew up on the island of La Reunion. Caroline has now been training seriously in France for the last ten years as she has continued to follow her dreams and fuel her passion for climbing and adventure. She is on a life long adventure to explore the best rock the world has to offer.

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