No GPS, no problems for Shane

Shane van Breda was born in Tshwane, South Africa or better known as Pretoria and is currently completing his PhD on Infectious Diseases. His earliest memories of outdoor adventure come from times shared with his father. The adventurous spirit from his father was certainly passed down to Shane. Thanks to his countless adventures, Shane has a better understanding of who he is and what he want to do with his precious time on earth. His journeys have allowed him to appreciate life in a more simplistic manner.

“Moving away from the ‘herd’, almost rebellious in a sense. Realising what life really is about and experiencing the new and unknown. Most importantly, adventure allows you to ‘find’ your inner self”

Shane Vontelin van Breda thisworldexists this world exists

It is science and research that this guy is really passionate about and is certain that these things will help contribute to a a better world. That being said, any journey really get’s him up and about. He thinks back fondly about his mammoth road trip from the United Kingdom to Mongolia as one of his most memorable adventures.

“Through thisworldexists we will ensure the world is preserved for future generations and therefore making it a better place. Adventure and education are keys to opening our eyes to achieve this goal”

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thisworldexists are pleased to welcome Shane to the team and are looking forward to countless adventures together. His ultimate adventure is basically a car, a map and compass (no GPS) and a tent. Simply have an end goal and make your way there in whichever route seems best at the time.

We love your style Shane, welcome to the family. Follow Shane on Twitter @Shanevanbreda