Hike utah with Michelle

Born in Quito, Ecuador, Michelle Torres had already lived in 4 different countries by the time she was 10 that included Paraguay and Brazil before finally settling in Orem, Utah. She is a deeply spiritual individual that is well in tune with her body ensuring that her role with an essential oils organisation based out of Utah suits her to the ground. But Michelle uses this as an opportunity to continue to explore her beautiful state in the United States.

"The outdoors found me to be honest!”

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After meeting her boyfriend Wes, (@utahtravels) they both decided to kick the party scene and planned a Grand Canyon trip together. On route, picking up camping gear they hiked and camped around the area and have since been hooked.

"I could feel my soul was happy and my body content in every step I took.”

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Michelle is passionate about living a healthy, happy life and sharing experiences with others. This was her main reason for starting her Instagram account @hike_utah. 

"Most people see Utah as a boring state, but that's because they don't explore the outdoors as they should, and I love showing them whats in their own backyard."

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If you are stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to something new that gives you a thrill, then through Michelle’s eyes, you are an adventurer!

"The unknown is the best part of an adventure. The less you know what the outcome is, the more adventurous it will be."

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"To me a good adventure always requires a new Mountain trail with loved ones and strangers or picking up and going on a road trip with my adventure buddy, heading off into the unknown and making it up as you go!”

Being born in a country that isn't as fortunate as the many around the world, Michelle supports the goals and vision of thisworldexists 100%. 

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"I was fortunate enough to be born in a middle class family but I grew up with kids in the same neighborhood whose parents were not able to send them to school because they simply couldn’t afford it and my friends were made to work from a young age. Giving these kids an opportunity to go to school, to be treated like children, to educate them, and give them access to a better future for them and their families is a gift of a life time. And I am thrilled to be able to be a part of this."

We could not agree any more with you Michelle! Follow more of this nature lovers adventures on Instagram @hike_utah