Day 2 crowdfunding update

The second day has come to an end of our important crowd funding campaign and we are on track to keep ticking along at $150 per day to achieve our total of required goal of $9000 by the end of the 60 days.

thisworldexists would personally like to thank all 9 contributors to date. In particular, Ryan Saundry who assisted this drive with an extremely generous $200, Daniella Barba and another anonymous donor also helping to ramp this tally up considerably with an incredible $100 each.

There are perks from as low as $5 and all contributions no matter how big or small will help ensure this goal is met to assist us in sustainably contributing to education projects in the developing world.

At the very least, please help to spread the word by sharing this link with friends and family

Our most popular perk is the $35 option that gifts you one the very first thisworldexists caps (shown below)

thisworldexists cap crowd funding

Together we can change the world. Every little bit counts.