Whether it be surf or snow, Edward is sure to go!

Edward Richards, originally from Woolgoolga, New South Wales, Australia, grew up on a surfboard. However, at age 7, young Edward was already traveling overseas to Vanuatu. Soon after, at age 12, he found himself on his way to Bali. As Edward grew older, his love for surfing evolved to snowboarding. Soon, Edward began snowboarding full-time, traveling the world.

"After doing my first snow season in Thredbo in 2005. I wanted to do as much of it as possible and ended up doing 10 winter seasons in the space of six years in Australia, Japan, Canada and the U.S. I also did some snowboard trips to New Zealand and Chile."

Although Edward no longer snowboards full-time, he hasn't hit the brakes on traveling. Already exploring over 34 countries, there is no stopping him! Adventure travel not only pushes Edwards physical boundaries, but also stretches him mentally, making it nearly impossible for him not to answer the call of the wild. 

"Travel has opened up doors to me that I never would have thought possible. It has assisted in breaking down stereotypes, allowed me to experience different cultures and has expanded my knowledge of world affairs."

The mental aspect of traveling has had a heavy influence on Edwards educational future. Currently, he is studying International Studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, learning about global issues, and studying spanish; his thirst for a global grasp on this world is encouraging. It's not only his education he takes responsibility for, but also has a genuine concern and understanding about the importance of educating others.

"If every child had access to education, the world would be a better place. Education has proven to lift people out of poverty and will further assist, in the survival of humanity as a species."


Edward has a true appreciation for the smaller things in life, and realizes money is not everything. To him; life is about the people you meet, experiences you've endured, the places you've been, and to enjoy every moment along the way. We are excited to see what the future has in store for this Adventure Ambassador, and are anxious for his stories that follow! 

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