Family, Adventure, and Happiness: Keenan's Core Principles

Keenan Siezega, known more commonly as 'Kiki,' grew up in the Los Angles suburb, Santa Clarita. Raised by parents who love to travel, Kiki was fortunate enough to get a taste of the road at a young age. 

"They (my parents) took my brother, sister, and I all over the place year-round!." 

Inspired by family vacations and National Geographic magazine, it's no surprise Kiki also fell in love with photography. When he was a senior in High School, Kiki knew photography was something he wanted to pursue. At age 17, he got his hands on his first digital Nikon D70 camera and laptop. Digital photography, at this point in time, was still relatively new. As technology in the digital world progressed, so did Kiki's passion.

"I didn't know anything about photoshop or the digital world. I started playing with all the creative apps and learning everything I could about photography and film... I was hooked." 

Just like Kiki's role model NatGeo, he is constantly on the move, sharing each endeavor through his lens. Just this year, our young ambassador has already journeyed to Hawaii, Big Sur, and heading south to Cabo in July. His most memorable trip was venturing alone for the first time to Italy, visiting a friend. Kiki describes that trip in a single adjective; liberating.  

 "I love the idea of exploring and photographing life as I see it, and presenting my images to the world."

Kiki has formulated his life around three core principles; family, adventure, and happiness. With family being the most important, the rest seem to fall into place. 

"If it weren't for my family taking us on trips every year, I probably wouldn't be as adventurous as I am today."

thisworldexisits is happy to welcome Kiki in our family of adventurers! His passion for an adventurous life full of happiness makes him an excellent addition! 

The big question: where should Kiki go next? Comment below, and let him know! 

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