Desert and Mountains; Briana and Utah have it all

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah with river guides as parents, Briana Perry is no stranger to wander. Since age eight, she has spent weekends on the river, or venturing through Utah's desert. However, not until later in life did Bri truly appreciate the natural world her parents introduced her to. 

"My world got turned upside down when I was 20, and I immediately started going back into the desert by myself."

Briana also got into rock climbing pretty heavily, which then lead her to ski mountaineering. 

"Now I know what passion is. If I'm not up a  mountain to ski down, I'm starring at those mountains wishing I was skiing down." 

Finding balance on her skis and in life; Bri manages to work full-time, and go to school full time studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. Weekends, however, are reserved for adventure. 

"People think I'm crazy for leaving town every weekend, but thats what keeps me going through another week of craziness with work and school." 

Whether it's canyoneering through Zion with her brother Forrest, flying through the backcountry slopes on her skis, or climbing up an arch; Briana Perry cannot be stopped! Adventure is what shapes her, what moves her, what motivates her, and what keeps this hard-worker so positive. 

"It's (adventure) like it just makes any negative thing or energy just disappear. If I had a horrible week and I just go somewhere to adventure for the weekend, whatever happened the week is just completely gone." 

Reconnecting with nature has shed a new light on Bri's perspective of life. Her deeper love for the natural world has taught her to cope with any negativity in a very healthy way. Now, Bri faces a new dilemma. 

"Ski mountaineering is my passion, and the desert is my home. I'm deeply in love with the mountains, and the desert is where my mind is in the most peaceful state."

Luckily for her, Utah has both. Thus the reason Bri just can't peel herself away, and who could really blame her? 

Bri shines a light on the deep connection we all desire to have with nature. Her work-eithic, positive attitude, and appreciation for life make her an inspiring addition to the thisworldexists Adventure Ambassador family.  

Mountains or Desert? What will it be for this Ambassador this weekend? Follow Briana on instagram to find out! 

Where do you go to escape life's chaos? Comment below, we'd love to know! 

Where do you go to escape life's chaos? Comment below, we'd love to know!