A Taste of the Pacific North West: Mt Rainier National Park

The weekend called for clear forecast and I couldn’t help but feel like a child knowing I was about to head off to Mt. Rainier National Park. This area has been one of my favorite places and I never got too much time in the area. My pal and I decided we were going to camp in the Tatoosh range, which sits south of Mount Rainier.

Despite Spring making its presence known, we both packed for a nice night of snow camping.

scot gilmore mount rainier thisworldexists this world exists

I have just been in the PNW for little over a year. I relocated after seeing some friends experience such beauty. I wanted to be that happy, I wanted to feel what they were feeling and get my body in better shape. After a brief trip to Bend, Oregon, I was hooked. I have since made one of my goals to inspiring others to feel what I felt, to learn about what the great outdoors can do for you.

Just prior to my first year in the PNW, I took a new job that relocated me to Seattle. I met a great friend, Jacob, during my third week. Jacob became a great friend, very quickly. We were hanging out the Friday before I left the next morning.

scot gilmore mount rainier thisworldexists this world exists

I came to my senses and just asked if he wanted to tag along. He quickly replied with a smile on his face. My pal and I rounded up the gear so we could to ensure Jacob would have a safe hike with us, and we had it all!  

We left Seattle first thing, had a few pit stops along the way and trekked in the snow while Rainier was showing off her curves. We eventually went into the Tatoosh around the Pinnacle Saddle to set up camp.

scot gilmore mount rainier thisworldexists this world exists

The sunset and sunrise over one of the most prominent peaks is something that never gets old. Sharing it with your friends only makes the experience better. Introducing people to the outdoors and educating them can be one of the most rewarding feelings. I am forever grateful to be fortunate enough to see such amazing sights.

Written by Scot Gilmore

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