Telling Stories Through Adventure: Meet Adam

Adam Clark is a photographer and videographer from Salt Lake City, Utah. Raised by adventurous parents, Adam was able to get a taste for the outdoors from an early age, going skiing, hiking, climbing and river rafting.

“It was natural for me to be outside all the time. Adventure and spending time outside has been so important to my personal happiness."

Adam holds a passion for visual storytelling. As photographer and videographer, he gets to tell stories for a living. He believes that stories are important part of human nature.

“There are so many ways to tell a story. I think stories are important for humans. They give us hope and inspiration.”

Adam’s life has been shaped dramatically by adventuring. Having made a career out of it, he sees any new experience as an adventure.

“It could just be a different perspective on your daily life, or trying out a new sport”.

While Adam loves any kind of outdoor activity, his most cherished is skiing. One of his most unforgettable experiences was when he summited the highest peak in North America, Denali, with skis. Adam’s ultimate adventure would be made up of good people, new places and beautiful scenery for a lengthy period of time.

"The more consecutive days in a row I spend outside, the better it gets”

As an adventure ambassador, Adam plans on supporting thisworldexists by inspiring others to take out some time to see the world. He wants to spread thisworldexists’ message with his photographic skills

“Hopefully a great photo can help somebody decide to go outside, or spend their money on the outdoor world instead of a new version of something they already have.”

 Thisworldexists is excited to have Adam on board and can’t wait to document his adventures.

See more of Adam’s work and adventures on Instagram: @acpictures