What matters most; Time or Money?

Spring 2014 and finally back on the road. Heading down to Moab, Utah from my home in Salt Lake City. Tension that had built up working 75 hours a week slowly drained from my body, pouring out my sunroof as the air got warmer and dryer. I was on my way to the desert, that enchanting land, and it was just what I needed.  

Unlike my normal excursions, this one didn't require me to rush back to work in a few days.  Two weeks, and a car full of outdoor recreation and photography equipment. The week before I made a major change, telling my boss I couldn't keep going in this direction. After taking a pay cut, relinquishing my manager status, it was time for a normal work week. Funny enough the real epiphany came a month earlier while watching Ken Burns' documentary about the National Parks named “Americas Best Idea.” It reminded me I had to get back in the outdoors on a regular basis, and I wasn't finding much happiness in the rat race.

Making this decision provided me with some unforgettable experiences.

sunset devils garden arches national park arch utah thisworldexists this world exists kyle jenkins
sunset devils garden utah arches national park thisworldexists this world exists kyle jenkins

Sunset hikes through Devil’s Garden in Arches National Park.

Corona Arch Utah desert thisworldexists this world exists kyle jenkins

Solo night hikes to Corona Arch and Hickman Bridge. 

sunrise bryce canyon thisworldexists this world exists

Checking the magical sunrise over Bryce Canyon National Park.

Seeing mountain lion tracks going through my backpackers campsite. Mountain Biking in Capitol Reef. 

campfire friends utah thisworldexists this world exists kyle jenkins

My friends coming down to join me on a moments notice.

bryce canyon cave thisworldexists this world exists
cave bryce canyon utah thisworldexists this world exists kyle jenkins

My wife being able to join me for a few days and finding a cool hidden mini cave, watching the sunset above a sea of hoodoos in Bryce Canyon… just to name a few.

Kyle Jenkins ended up visiting all 5 national parks in Utah in those two weeks, and had some of the best experiences of his life.

"I decided that trading my time for money was no longer a deal I was willing to make and I couldn't be happier about my decision today."

Kyle lives with his wife and two dogs in beautiful Utah. He works as a luxury real estate photographer in Park City. In their free time, Kyle and his family are usually somewhere in the mountains regardless of the season. 

Follow his adventures on Instagram @kyle.john.jenkins

So what matters most to you? Time or Money? Comment your thoughts below.