4 Essential Climbing Tips for Newbies

Interested in Rock Climbing? Don't know where to begin? Here's a quick guide to help you out!

1. Get climbing shoes that are comfortable!
You want to be able to focus on the climbs and have fun. When you first go rock climbing you may rent shoes, but the person renting them to you will try to talk you into getting something uncomfortable because it's "common" to smash your foot into a smaller shoe. Don't listen to them. Get something comfortable! You want to have fun! Not be in pain.

2. Focus on technique. 
Watch people around you, how do they move their feet? How are they holding onto that hold? Do they position their body in a way to make movement more positive? The most common misconception is climbing requires a lot of upper body strength to hold on, when actually it is all about standing on your feet and learning how to move fluidly .

3. Take time to rest!
You don't want to burn out within the first hour! Take a few breaks! Relax! Climbing is a physically taxing sport, your arms get pumped, your feet start to hurt. Give yourself enough downtime in-between climbs so you can keep on climbing.

4. Remember why you came climbing in the first place.
To have fun! So don't forget to do just that! Rock climbing is a really social sport, go with people who are encouraging and will pump you up!

Now head on over to your local gym, or have a experienced friend take you out side and have fun! 

Written by Tammy Wilson

Tammy is a thisworldexists adventure ambassador, follow her adventures on Instagram @tammyfaye