5 reasons to explore your closest waterfalls this weekend.

Have you ever felt thick, soft moss squish between your toes? Or the cool gentle spray of water off a 70 ft drop? How about listened to the rumble of water crashing in the distance? If you answered no to one or more of these questions, you're missing out on my favourite natural element.

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I like to think I live a well rounded outdoor life. Hiking summits, lakes and ridge lines, trail running, snowboarding, biking (mountain and dirt), climbing here and there and camping whenever I can. However, the one thing that remains at the top of my favourite things list, is chasing waterfalls.

I've thought about what makes this phenomenon such a unique element and came up with 5 reasons why you need to head out and explore your local waterfalls this weekend.

1) They are stationary but always dynamic. Waterfalls could be thundering over a 70ft drop;

Brandywine falls, Whistler BC.

Brandywine falls, Whistler BC.

Or trickling down a 2 foot drop into a still, clear pool and have the same mesmerising effect. Go get lost in their beauty! 

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2) They’re well documented in maps all over the world and are always easy to find. Simply follow the rumble, and keep a look out for the thickening moss and smell of humid air. You can hike in, walk in, or drive in to most making them accessible to everyone in one way or another. No excuses. 

Let your mind and soul wander, to take the road less travelled. 

Waterfall canada thisworldexists this world exists

3) Endlessly peaceful, all waterfalls make for an ideal escape. More often than not, I find myself in awe, and alone with the whole place to myself.

Steelhead falls, Mission BC. 

Steelhead falls, Mission BC. 

4) If you need an energy boost, look no further. Few things have more natural energy than that of a waterfall. Think about it. 

Bridal Falls, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Bridal Falls, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

5) They offer a perfect place for community. Take a load off, stay a while and enjoy some good times with quality company. On a hot summers day, there are few things better than the cool spray on your skin. If you’re brave enough, the cool water offers an excellent swimming hole to cool down with you and the rest of your crew. 

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Emily Masse is a thisworldexists adventure ambassadors.

Find more of her incredible adventures on her Instagram @emilymmasse