Perspective and wonder drive Madison to adventure.

Madison Dusseau is am 27 years old from Riverside, California and  grew up as an only child that had a lot of opportunity to travel with her parents and experience a lot of different places and cultures from a very young age.

"I would have to say my initial love for adventure was sparked from taking daily walks with my mom and our dogs. The house I grew up in was down the street from a big field where my mom and I would spend hours exploring and playing games. She taught me that life is full of wonder and magic and if you just take the time to look, something magical is always waiting to be discovered."

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Time passed and life turned shifted towards a focus on sports as Madison was travelling with her soccer teams the majority of the year. Whilst in her first year in college, she joined the Extreme Adventurers Club and canoed down the White River in Arkansas. Her love for the outdoors was reignited! After College, severe chronic eczema took its toll from head to toe and put a stop on her adventures as her condition worsened.

"Up until recently I have let my worsening condition hinder my love for adventure and the outdoors. I finally decided to not let my eczema define my life and keep me from the things and people I love. Everyday is different but overall I overcome the mental challenge of chronic pain and live my life to the fullest."

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Passionate about being happy, this inspiring young woman enjoys being around the people in her life who elevate that happiness and are by her side when it is time for the next adventure. Working as a massage therapist in Mammoth Lakes, California, adventure is right on her doorstep

"Adventure to me can be a couple of things. First and most of all, I think adventure is anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Whether that's being suspended by harness and rope 100ft up a rock wall or wandering into the back country with nothing but your backpack and your dog. I also think adventure is spending time Mother Nature and reconnecting with the earth as humans, we're meant to do. I think it is important to maintain a strong connection with our earth and all the wonders it has to offer us. That in itself is a constant adventure and Mother Nature never disappoints."

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Madison has credited adventure for giving her the gift of staying present and living life to it's fullest. 

Follow more of her adventures on Instagram @britneejane