Adventure = new places and new limits. Meet Jake.

This global general contractor grew up between Gunnison & Durango in Colorado and thanks his parents for instilling the love of the outdoors in him from an early age.

"Growing up in the mountains of Colorado and having my parents take my brother and I out every weekend to camp, hike, fly fish, or ski, the outdoors became engrained in my life."

Jake Tonnessen thisworldexists

 To him, adventure is the ability to take risks and push yourself to new limits and really see what you are capable of achieving. When Jake can combine his passions that include his family, fly fishing, camping, road trips and sunsets from a mountain top with his adventure he is truly happy.

"It (adventure) has pushed me to try new things and go places I never thought I would go."

sunset mountain jake tonnessen thisworldexists

There are many unforgettable experiences but like many of us, Jake can't forget that feeling of catching his first fish on a dry fly or standing on top of his first 14,000ft peak.

Sunset snow mountains thisworldexists Jake Tonnessen

When asked about why being a part of the thisworldexists adventure ambassador team was important to him he said;

"For me, spending time in the outdoors makes me appreciate the world and how fortunate I am to have what I have and to live where I live.  I hope by sharing my experiences with people they will realize this too.  By realizing how fortunate we are, we can understand that there are others out there that do not get to experience what we have because of the lack of positive reinforcement.  I'm a strong believer that education is one of the most powerful reinforcements to help people take the first step to bettering their life."

Jake Tonnessen roadtrip thisworldexists

His ultimate adventure is to travel to anywhere that he hasn't been yet and to combine his favorite activities whislt pushing himself to new limits. 


"One place that I am constantly dreaming about is New Zealand.  The place has a major draw to me because of the mountains and world class fly fishing."

Jake Tonnessen star shot thisworldexists