Living her dream, Monica climbs in California

Currently based out of the dream Californian location of Mammoth lakes, Monica Beck was originally a Virginia beach resident. She hasn't looked back since moving to California, teaching yoga, working for a non-profit in Yosemite National Park and has now tended the local watering holes of Mammoth for the last 5 years.

“I found my love for the wilderness hiking around the Shenandoah mountains as a young kid during family outings.”

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Movement is the thing that gets this adrenalin junkie up and about! She started climbing whilst living in Virginia at a local climbing gym. Being in the state of ‘flow’ was what addicted her to climbing. 

“Spending time outside in the elements, touching the rock, breathing in the beauty of my surroundings and being apart of a hobby that allowed me to be outside really set me off as a climber.”

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Like many people, adventure is heading in to the unknown for Monica. But meeting new people or going to a new place and traveling without a destination in mind is her style of adventure.

Scrambling up a waterfall in the mountains with her older brothers when she was no older than 11 sticks out to her as one of her favourite adventure memories. 

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“Climbing up wet, mossy rocks while my sisters sat in the pools below, my mom yelling my name to be careful and getting to the top and feeling like I just won the biggest prize…….the view!”

Monica is passionate about keeping our beautiful natural areas pristine clean and hopes to inspire others to value this as well. The more time anyone spends outdoors, the more we will collectively appreciate a setting with nothing but natural wonders!

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