Need inspiration to commit your life to passion? Meet Miranda.

Miranda Leconte hails from the Tahoe area of Northern California and it is no surprise that she has resultantly made adventuring through stunning natural landscape her daily habit. Her role with the U.S. Forest Service has helped her to educate the public about protecting the Desolation Wilderness area. Surprisingly, the region is the most heavily used wilderness area per acre in the United States. 

"It’s the most beautiful place that I’ve ever seen and I’m not sure that I’ll ever leave."

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Growing up in her very own paradise in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, was the best thing that could have ever happened to her. 

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"I was raised by the surrounding tall pines, countless granite mountains, wild rivers, alpine meadows, clear-water lakes, and plenty of wildlife. All of which has shaped who I am today: a complete nature nerd."

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This inspiring young lady's main passion is wilderness, and to be more specific Desolation Wilderness. Wilderness is her home.

"I try to think more like a mountain every day."

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Miranda also religiously practices yoga to help in maintaining mind-body balance and allows her to have flexibility of mind and undertake spontaneous adventure whenever it presents itself to her.

"I think that the more surprises that pop up during a trip the better, because that’s when the adventure begins."

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We can learn so much from the habits that Miranda has developed through out her lifetime. Each adventure is viewed as another opportunity to reflect and constantly learning more about who she is and what direction she wants to head in.

"A huge component to adventure travel is just being open to new things, because the moment you let go & go with the flow is the moment you’ll discover who you are."

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Iceland is her ultimate adventure location. Miranda is hoping to make her way to the island country to go whale watching, to photograph the geysers, ride a horse around Landmannalaugar, check out Maelifell Volcano, go ice-caving, soak in Blue Lagoon, sleep under the aurora borealis, and so much more!

You have already inspired us Miranda! We can't wait to learn more about wilderness sustainability from you and follow your adventures closely over the coming years.

Follow all of Miranda's adventures on instagram @mirandaleconte