3 Reasons to Always Bring a Hiking Buddy

alexander powell this world exists thisworldexists hiking buddy

1. Safety

Safety should always come first and that goes without question. Despite using our excitement for the outdoors as a great motivational tool, it can also blind us from taking precautionary steps to keep ourselves out of harms way. Earlier this year I made an almost fatal mistake by veering off the trail to take a short cut. After over six hours of being lost in the cold, rainy Mt. Baker Wilderness, I made it out and learned my lesson. You can pack and prepare all you want, but in situations like this when mistakes are made, having someone with you can mean all the difference in the world.

alexander powell this world exists thisworldexists hiking buddy

2. Experience

Although I enjoy the majesty of being alone with nature, it always seems that it’s lacking something when there’s no one by my side to appreciate it with me. There are many aspects and experiences in life that are meant to be shared with others and I believe nature is one of them. It’s one thing to come home from an incredible day in the wild and describe what you saw or even show a photograph, but it’s another to create collective moments with others that create bonds that withstand a lifetime.

alexander powell this world exists thisworldexists hiking buddy

3. Photography

Through my adventures and personal growth with photography in the outdoors, I have found a certain love for seeing people in nature. Perhaps this is influenced both by social media and personal experience, but in the vastness that nature holds, giving a sense of perspective can be important. Whether its to promote a brand or simply show someone in front of an incredible view, bringing a hiking buddy along is a great facet of outdoor photography and can turn a cool photo into an amazing one.

alexander powell this world exists thisworldexists hiking buddy

Whether your hiking buddy can make it or not, don’t let it hinder your outdoor experience. Just remember that there’s great value in sharing these experiences with others in the great outdoors. 

Written by Alexander Powell

Alex is a THISWORLDEXISTS Brand Ambassador. See more of his photography and adventures on Instagram: @inthetrees_