5 Tips to Slacklining like a boss

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Slack lining is a sport/hobby that almost anyone can enjoy. It can be done with friends and family casually in a park having a good time, to intense competitions pushing ones physical limits or it can be practiced hundreds or thousands of feet in the air to test mental strength and an ability to overcome your fears. 

Slacklining is a great way to spend your time and to get outside.

Here are 5 easy tips to slacklining like a boss.

1.       Length of Line

The shorter the line, generally the easier it is to walk. Start with shorter lines and try to work your way up to longer and longer lines. Set up the line high enough so that your feet won’t hit the ground when youre on the line, but not so high that you might get hurt when falling off the line. 20 feet long and 2-3 feet high is an average starting set-up.

2.       Line tension

A tighter line is initially easier for beginners to learn to walk on. As you improve your balance and skill, practice loosening the line and see how you go. This will give the line more give and easier to regain and hold balance after you’ve got some practice as well as preparing you for longer lines.

3.       Body position

The best posture for slacklining entails slightly bent knees in an athletic stance. Your hips should be pushed a bit forward and back straight up (don’t hunch forward). Keep your arms above your head and use them to help balance while keeping your chest and shoulders open. Put your feet parallel to the line and walk heel to toe. It can be done with or without shoes, although without gives better feel on the line.

Also try wearing clothes that do not constrict movement.

4.       Where to focus

A common beginner mistake is looking down at the line while attempting to walk. Since the line will be moving this will throw off your balance. Instead focus on the far side of the line where it connects to your anchor point (it doesn't move). It will feel strange at first but is far easier after a little practice.

5.       Have fun and don’t give up!

      Slacklining can be exciting and entertaining for all skill levels. Although seemingly impossible after a first try, you quickly start improving. It is a great way to be around friends or family in the great outdoors.

One great thing about slacklining is that there is always a way to continue to improve, whether you start doing tricks or longer lines or taking the lines high into the air, the fun is endless!

Written by Derek Beaumont, check out more of his Slacklining and other adventures on Instagram@beau__96   (two underscores)



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