Women, liberate your soul and travel solo

It's comforting to know that women are taking more positive risks, crossing boundaries and borders that they may not have done in the past to ensure they see the world how they want to!

Recently I've had the chance to read some great articles and blog posts on women who travel alone, like this one from Time Magazine and some of these very cool sites that adventurous women have created, here

Fear is a terrible thing. It prevents you from experiencing all the magic that lies on the other side of it. Hooray to women adventurers, and their desire to strike out on their own to see the world.

It's a funny thing about women, actually. 

We tend to like to travel in packs or pairs.

Anyone who has ever observed couples enjoying a dinner out together can attest to this. Inevitably at some point in the evening, the women will pair up and visit the ladies room together. It's a sort of sense of comfort, an opportunity to share thoughts about their experience. We are a social bunch, and we enjoy a good chat, even if it's on the way to powdering our noses.

And so, the idea that a woman would risk not having this comfortable pairing, or companionship, is indeed a new idea. A new way of thinking for women who have long been thought to be better prepared if they had, at the very least, a mate or guide to shepherd them through the treacheries of the world.

I became a certified yoga instructor in 2003. One of my greatest experiences afterward was to travel alone to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica to practice. This beautiful space was housed in the rainforest high in the mountains of San Jose.

Beyond the love of downward dogs and cobra poses, was the realization that I had traveled there independently, ready for the freedom and adventures that awaited me as a sole decision maker on my journey.

No checking in with a partner required. 

I was free to do as I liked, and when I liked.

What a wonderful liberation! 

It's probably something I will chat with my girlfriends about next week now that I think about it, most likely on my way to the ladies room after dinner.

Pamela is a certified yoga instructor, writer, business owner and avid traveler who lives in Toronto, Canada.



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