Inspiring Isa joins the thisworldexists team

As a youngster, there was nothing stopping Isa Martinez from riding her bike through the local forest and climbing the tallest of it's trees. But then something happened, she stopped.
"I forgot how being amongst nature made me feel like the true me. I was in a comfort zone with no space for that freedom."

Isa reverted back to her childhood and reignited her passion for outdoor adventure after a trip to Iztaccihuatl, an extinct volcano nearby Mexico City and the countries third largest peak.

"I remembered!"

Isa is passionate about helping to inspire others to realise the true power of the outdoors and to get out of their ever so delightful comfort zones and live their lives. At the end of the day, we only get one of them - may as well make it count!
"In the outdoors I challenge myself not just physically but emotionally and mentally. It turns every moment in the outdoors in to one of self discovery and I return a more confident and comfortable person."

Described by her friends as a free person that would do absolutely anything to achieve her goals, Isa is a constant source of motivation for us at thisworldexists and we couldn't be prouder to announce her as our third thisworldexists adventure ambassador.

Living in Mexico, Isa is "not that into politics, economics or even peace" but she is committed to making this world a better place and excited that she can use her passion for adventure travel to help make this world a better place.

"Sometimes we make a lake of a glass of water and forget the real meaning of life; to enjoy it and take care of the world in which we inhabit."

Check out more of Isa's adventures on her Instagram @isamcc

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