Discomfort, fear and positivity

Elevation is incredibly addictive!

Crisp, morning, mountain-air, cools your breath as you look out across the valley to realise you are above the clouds....that feeling is like no other!

Am I the only one that wants to continue to go higher and higher to remembere the highest peaks and passes scaled like some sort of trophy bank forged in my memory?

I feel comfortable in the mountains, despite the challenge that the high country brings and wonder, if that feeling of being 100 feet below the sea surface will ever feel as comfortable?

Breathing consumes my consciousness. The water pressure squeezing my chest cavity tricks me into taking deeper and more complete breathes. Relying on a tank filled with compressed air and the pre-sucked mouthpiece that brings the most vital of requirements at a depth that can be fatal.

It is fear.

And I guess it is what brings me back wanting more. After 16 dives I am still wanting to go straight back down after each immersion.

Scuba diving is a truly unique experience and one that I don't think I will ever feel completely comfortable in.

I have a deep passion for exploring and seeing new countries and landscapes. The underwater world is like nothing you can compare on dry land. It comes complete with it's own unique landscape, incredible plant life and some super interesting and captivating living creatures of all shapes, sizes and vibrant colours.

Videography is definitely not my strong suit, but this GoPro footage highlights thisworldexists experience of diving off Xcalak, Mexico. 

If you haven't been before, we hope that it gives you an insight into what it is like down there under the sea.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

So despite the discomfort and the fear, scuba diving fuels my desire to continue to challenge myself personally. It forces me to see what I am able to achieve if I set my mind to and at the end of the day, just try.

Most importantly to personal development, see that I am capable of doing something I am not entirely comfortable in doing and that everything is ok.

Our challenge to you is, what are you going to do tomorrow that scares you?

Challenge yourself, we dare you.