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Juxtaposed with sky-high mountains in the countries north and humid grasslands in the south, Nepal is a mecca for any type of adventure enthusiast.

Sherpas and mountaineers gravitate to the world's ten tallest mountains, eight of which call this incredibly spiritual country home. Nepal is a bucket list location for hikers worldwide, regardless of their ability and experience.

Snowy peaks litter the landscape in the north whilst the central highlands is where much of the 26 million population call home.  Flanked by stunning views and hindered by the screeching affects of poverty, village life is simple and is mostly self sufficient.

THISWORLDEXISTS trips are meticulously planned to offer a range of unique and different experiences for our guests.

All experiences provide guests with a great insight into culture, genuine adventure and help contribute to sustainable impact in the communities in which we visit.

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Everest Base Camp Trip THISWORLDEXISTS December 2018

December 30th - January 20th 2019

Everest Base Camp III

$2500USD + $500USD Donation

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