Wesley Hawkins has lived a life of exploring. From an early age, Wesley grew up spoiled by the outdoors, living in Montana close to Yellowstone and Utah by the Canyonlands National Park.

“My mom used to tie a goat bell around my neck so if I wandered off, they could find me”
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His passions lie simply in the outdoors, where he enjoys anything from wildlife and land preservation, to dealing with personal struggles.

“We live in a beautiful place that has served as somewhat of a shrink for me over the years. I want to spread the word how it can bring joy, humility, and inner peace for anyone who is willing to go look for it.”

Wesley attributes his sense of adventure to his Great Great Grandfather, William Wesley Hawkins, who served in the Civil War, expediting from Wyoming to Arizona. He also gained outdoor skills and experience from the Boyscouts and also accompanying his Grandpa in the outdoors.

Repping for THISWORLDEXISTS is something he truly believes in, and it makes him feel great to be a part of a collective who are all working towards the same goal.

“The idea of helping people that were born into situations way less fortunate than my own and being able to go out and explore the world and planning trips is what i'm all about.”

If his eagerness to make a difference isn’t inspiring, his holistic outlook towards the world certainly is. Wesley manages to find beauty everywhere, and will always endeavour to get a glimpse of it.

“There are cool little hidden gems almost anywhere if you look hard enough.”

Following your passions is something that Wesley believes makes a person inspiring, especially when it’s a unique or confronting. Wesley isn’t afraid to face fear head on, either:

“Starting is always the hardest part of anything new.”

One of his favourite personal adventure stories involved him almost losing his friend’s dog. Taking him off the leash, the dog took off, running over the edge of a cliff. Worried that he would have to tell his friend the bad news, Wesley peered over the edge to examine the damage. To his surprise, he discovered the dog 15 feet below stranded on a 2ft ledge. Baffled at how to save him, he finally managed to lasso the dog to safety with his own leash. Nice work, Wesley!

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