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Education has been proven to be the most powerful combatant against global poverty.

Whilst passionate about environmental conservation, anti-corruption, gender equality, the effects of malnutrition, health status and water insecurity. THISWORLDEXISTS chooses to invest in sustainable education projects in disadvantaged communities throughout the world. We believe that we can impact all of these factors outlined above by address the overarching issue of poverty.

Our goal is to ensure all children gain an education in the communities in which we work. Furthermore, we work to enhance curriculum to promote creative, critical and higher-order thinking as well as fostering an entrepreneurial mindset to help ignite economic prosperity and facilitate families to escape the poverty cycle in disadvantaged countries.

Current THISWORLDEXISTS projects

Nepal volunteering volunteer education THISWORLDEXISTS


Tucked away in the mountains of Eastern Nepal lies Sorung Chhabise, a region that until our time in the community had received no NGO support at all. Subsequently, education opportunities were limited and THISWORLDEXISTS were inspired to help make a difference.

School facility design by Maria Vittoria Monaco (Italy) and Simon Wübbels (Germany).




Until the earthquake struck, over 130 women were being educated in a specific womens adult education centre. The earthquake brought this building to the ground and with it the opportunities it was providing for women and future generations.



Cambodia volunteering volunteer education THISWORLDEXISTS


Located in the province of Koh Kong, this largely military community had not received funding of any description for a multiple years. 

Resultantly, their school was in dire need of some renovations.


KOH KRONG, Cambodia

More information available soon.



Mexico volunteering volunteer education THISWORLDEXISTS


Situated in an entirely Mayan speaking community, students from Chan Cenote and surrounding areas cannot access an affordable option for secondary education.

We will facilitate the delivery of a Secondary School in Chan Cenote that has been stalled for over 10 years.

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