Wundersocks Tour and Alp+

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The old hiking and snowboarding socks were a little tattered, the elastic hugged me like a 14 year old boy hugging their grandma and they came out of the washing machine dry and crusty. Don't ask me how that worked....

So the time had come to purchase some new socks and a friend directed me to Wundersocks, an italian based company and claimed their pillow like features. 

Opting for the Tour and the Alp+ styles of theirs because of the activities I loved and frequented. Suffering through my old socks until the package arrived and to be honest, like a kid on christmas I ripped open the package and slid them on my feet. They felt like pillows. The real test would be whilst out and about.

Real de Catorce, a hot arid desert environment in the Northern part of Mexico would be the perfect place to test their sweat, friction and blister proof claims. The mercury hovered around 30 odd degrees as our group explored different abandoned mining shafts, countless rolling mountain peaks and bounced around on ever-so strong-minded horses.

When arriving home exhausted, I pulled off my hiking boots and still felt comfortable cruising around the makeshift hotel in my socks. Usually, my feet would be so hot I couldn't wait to get down to bare skin and absorb the cold of the concrete floor.

The Wundersocks definitely passed with flying colours and I already cannot wait to get myself a full collection of these bad boys.

Find out more about Wundersocks here http://www.mmsocks.net/

Guerrilla Packs Watchman 35L Day pack

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Light, compact and super spacious for a 35L all round daypack, that will hold everything you need for a dawn to dusk adventure.

The size of the Watchman 35L is it’s main drawcard. The sleek looking bag is super compact but boasts countless straps, clips and pockets to ensure it will hold all of your necessities for a full day adventure.

Whilst exploring the stunning beaches of Quintana Roo, Mexico, we experienced some bad weather and honestly, was a little bit concerned about the camera equipment that lay inside. 

Thankfully, the 100% polyester material prevented any moisture from getting inside (not saying this bag is waterproof but definitely rainproof).

Main features:
- 100% polyester
- Jam packed 35L of space
- Padded air channels on back 
- Draw string gusset if more space is required
- Chest and waist strap for weight distribution and comfort
- Separate compartment for shoes or wet weather gear in the bottom of the bag, that can be zipped open to allow the bag to be filled as one compartment
- Easy access top pocket for regular use items
- Hydration pack compatible 
- Stretch pocket on the front 
- Strap hooks on the bottom to tie items to

The only setbacks for this incredible daypack is the top strap that sometimes gets caught on its clip. In saying that the straps length allows it to be opened fully to access all the is inside the bag’s main compartment despite removing it from it's clip. Also, being 188cm the bag is a touch small for my back but perfect for anyone under 180cm.

At a ridiculously cheap price of $65US, this essential adventure item comes fully recommended for the money conscious traveler that doesn’t want to skimp on quality or value for money.

Guerrilla Packs Admiral 40L Day pack

guerrilla packs admiral thisworldexists

Road testing this bad boy was scheduled for the mountains surrounding the Mexican magic town of Tepoztlan. The Tepozteco Mountains were inhabited by the Aztecs around 1500AD and features a 12.4 m high temple on one of the Sierra de Tepoztlan peaks.

First of all, when packing for this trip, the design wasn't the thing that grabbed me, it was what could fit inside the Admiral 40L day pack that blew me away. In fact, I am going to refer to this as an overnight pack rather than a daypack. Stuffing in a hammock, sleeping bag, mosquito net, wet weather gear, jumper, food, water and of course my camera I set off toward the ancient mountain range.

A bit concerned about climbing the steep cliff faces with a fully loaded pack, the thick waist strap wouldn't look out of place on a 60L back and in conjunction with the lateral and chest straps, the bag sat perfectly on my back.

Main features:
- 100% polyester and water resistant
- Spacious 40L capacity 
- Padded air channels on back
- Draw string gusset if more space is required
- Heavy duty waist strap and chest strap for weight distribution and comfort
- Separate compartment for shoes or wet weather gear in the bottom of the bag, that can be zipped open to allow the bag to be filled as one compartment
- Inside top pocket for regular use items
- Two hidden pockets on the front, perfect for valuable items such as passports