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We are currently planning and costing trips throughout the developing world.

Check out our adventures page for information on our upcoming trips.

Support projects via our products

Shop till you drop on our products page knowing that every cent your spend goes directly to help fund our education projects in the developing world.

Expedition based fundraising

For the most intrepid of adventurers, we are looking to partner with you and a small group committed to planning and undertaking incredibly unique and inspiring outdoor adventure expeditions. Part of the planning phase would include a fundraising aspect for THISWORLDEXISTS education projects in the communities in which we visit.

If this screams out to you and you are dying to find out more or better yet, you have an idea for an expedition! Contact us here.

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Our adventures and those of our adventure ambassadors are designed to inspire you to get active and challenge yourselves in the great outdoors and give you the confidence to come and tackle some serious adventures with us in the future. A larger social media presence and blog reader base will ensure we can introduce more people to our mission and vision to help make an even more significant impact in the lives of those less fortunate.

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