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The 2018 Repay the eNett Way program has chosen to directly support two THISWORLDEXISTS projects and 100% of donations will be used to support these important community development projects:

1) Prabha Aadharbhut School in Tanahun

The aim is to fund a block of 4 classrooms that was destroyed by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal. The school has over 50% of students from the Dalit (lowest) caste and the limited capacity of the school is not able to cater to the increasing student numbers.

2) Palu Bari Women's Education Centre, Palu Bari, Sankhu

Women's education and empowerment is extremely important to poverty alleviation and community development. The existing THISWORLDEXISTS school is still in need of additional teaching and learning materials to facilitate the learning of the 250 women that frequent the school. eNett hopes to support the school through purchasing of sewing machines, candle presses and other learning materials.

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'Repay the eNett Way' aims to improve the education and career opportunities for underprivileged communities in high tourism growth countries. Nepal’s travel industry contributes US$1.6B to its GDP, with tourism one of Nepal's biggest earners of foreign income. Yet it still ranks as one of the poorest countries in the world. 

To draw attention to the continuing problems in Nepal and get truly hands-on, eNett has partnered with THISWORLDEXISTS. The volunteer run organisation uses all profits to implement sustainable education projects in underprivileged communities, which travellers can then have direct involvement via volunteer opportunities.

The eNett team globally will be carrying out a range of fundraising activities to raise money that will be used to construct a school building and also support local communities.


At eNett, we have the privilege of seeing the positive impact that travel and globalisation has on the world. But also see local communities who have been displaced by economic development. We want to help.

So each year, we pick a country or cause. We draw attention to the issues faced by these communities and take a hands-on approach in making a difference to their way of life.

In the spirit of doing things differently, we don't just hand over donations to charities. We get deeply involved and provide real tangible items for those less fortunate. That's what 'Repay the eNett Way' is all about - educating, inspiring and equipping underprivileged people living in key travel destinations.

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THISWORLDEXISTS is an entirely volunteer run charity that aims to change the travel experiences we share to make them more meaningful, impactful and life-changing for all involved.

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